“I was born in Logroño when my father was shaping what today is Vivanco.

Wine is very important for my family and for me as well, although, I must admit, as a boy one thinks of other things. I remember my grandfather Santiago telling me stories of those first steps.

Every weekend we went from Logroño up to Briones to see how my my family’s dream gradually took shape. We went to work in the vineyards and even to rack the occasional barrel. At age 18, I went to Pamplona to study agricultural engineering. When you are immersed in wine, that is what I yearned for. In Pamplona I learned the technique, the science and all aspects of winemaking. 

I trained there, but where I really fell in love with wine was in Bordeaux. Two years studying at the Faculty of Oenology and two more making wine in some of the most renowned wineries in the area led me to reflect deeply about what La Rioja and its terroirs are capable of giving. 

Why not show the world our viticultural heritage? Our native grape varieties, our micro-climates, and authentic wines from the vineyard. Made with respect and above all, uniquely ours. In 2001 I returned to Briones with that idea in mind and I got to work. Today and always, excellence is what I strive for and it remains my personal challenge.” - Rafael Vivanco