“For me, wine has always been much more than aromas, flavors and textures.

Wine is more than the vineyards and lands where my father and my grandfather took me. I am interested in the human side of wine and the 8,000 years of history it has shared with man.

In that sense, I am a humanist. So I studied Law, looking for that human relationship with history and rules. There I discovered the classics, philosophy, ethics. I fell in love with poetry, Neruda and literature, art and its techniques. The more I read and studied the more I realized that the history of man was full of wine – and that it was necessary to value it. 

In 1998, I started to work on the dream of my father and our family, the construction of the Museum of Wine Culture. We wanted a space which, after visiting it, anyone would understand the symbiotic relationship between wine and man.

In 2001, I created the Vivanco Foundation, with the idea of having a tool to disseminate and delve into all this heritage. Paraphrasing one of Neruda's poems, “wine, spiralling, swirling (...) never has a glass been able to hold you, nor man.” Wine is always more. That is why I have devoted and will devote my whole life to tell it and pass it on.” - Santiago Vivanco