Our dreams culminate in the aesthetic of The Culture of Wine Museum, where every item somehow is connected to the history of wine. Each wing is devoted to valuing the relationship between man and wine during the course of 8,000 years of history.


When we were contemplating this project in the late 1990s, everyone told us we were crazy. Today, almost two decades later, we are extremely proud and pleased to say that this museum is respected as one of the great cultural centers and icons of wine education in the world. Our family’s dream has become a reality.

The museum occupies an area of over 13,000 square feet. It includes five permanent exhibition halls and a hall for temporary exhibitions. Outside the museum you’ll find the Garden of Bacchus, a collection of grapevines boasting more than 220 grape varieties from around the world.

A place where the past and present are one – an exciting journey through history in a museum unlike any other where you can discover the essence of wine through nearly 8,000 years of history.