This dream of four generations began 100 years ago, when our great grandfather, Pedro Vivanco González, started to make wines with grapes from a small vineyard that the family had in Alberite, La Rioja, Spain. For a small grape grower, it was not easy to produce wine in those days; and even more difficult to sell it. Technical resources did not exist and enthusiasm hid all that reality made clear. They were difficult but also crucial times.



Our grandfather Santiago continued with that small business that my great-grandfather had started. Our grandfather was very hard-working, but we have always said that it was our grandmother, his wife, Felisa Paracuellos, who encouraged him to prosper. She started it all somehow, particularly because of her spirit and decision making capability. She was the one who encouraged our father, Pedro Vivanco Paracuellos, to study. And she was the one who fed the flame of the wine culture that was gradually spreading through our family.

La Familia Vivanco

La Familia Vivanco



A humble, amiable, conciliatory man, our father Pedro Vivanco Paracuellos began delivering wine on a bicycle in Logroño when he was 14 years old. Business grew quickly and soon he upgraded to a lorry, enabling him to deliver wine across La Rioja and surrounding provinces. It was on that road that he truly came to love wine. And he decided then, that if he did not start studying, he would not be able to devote his life to his passion. So he went to Requena and earned a degree in Oenology. He went on to purchase his first vineyard where our winery, museum and restaurant have since been built. We have been blessed, the business thrived and our family became even more immersed in Rioja wine culture. Wine made us who we are today and we believe we have the obligation to pay it back. With that focus in mind Bodegas Vivanco was officially born in 2004.



Today Pedro’s sons, Rafael and Santiago, work together in harmony, as each son shepherds an element of Vivanco into the future. Rafael is responsible for leading wine production, while Santi shares his passion through the Foundation and Museum devoted to the Culture of Wine.

“I was born in Logroño when my father was shaping what today is Vivanco.

Wine is very important for my family and for me as well, although, I must admit, as a boy one thinks of other things. I remember my grandfather Santiago telling me stories of those first steps.

Every weekend we went from Logroño up to Briones to see how my my family’s dream gradually took shape. We went to work in the vineyards and even to rack the occasional barrel. At age 18, I went to Pamplona to study agricultural engineering. When you are immersed in wine, that is what I yearned for. In Pamplona I learned the technique, the science and all aspects of winemaking. 

I trained there, but where I really fell in love with wine was in Bordeaux. Two years studying at the Faculty of Oenology and two more making wine in some of the most renowned wineries in the area led me to reflect deeply about what La Rioja and its terroirs are capable of giving. 

Why not show the world our viticultural heritage? Our native grape varieties, our micro-climates, and authentic wines from the vineyard. Made with respect and above all, uniquely ours. In 2001 I returned to Briones with that idea in mind and I got to work. Today and always, excellence is what I strive for and it remains my personal challenge.” - Rafael Vivanco

“For me, wine has always been much more than aromas, flavors and textures.

Wine is more than the vineyards and lands where my father and my grandfather took me. I am interested in the human side of wine and the 8,000 years of history it has shared with man.

In that sense, I am a humanist. So I studied Law, looking for that human relationship with history and rules. There I discovered the classics, philosophy, ethics. I fell in love with poetry, Neruda and literature, art and its techniques. The more I read and studied the more I realized that the history of man was full of wine – and that it was necessary to value it. 

In 1998, I started to work on the dream of my father and our family, the construction of the Museum of Wine Culture. We wanted a space which, after visiting it, anyone would understand the symbiotic relationship between wine and man.

In 2001, I created the Vivanco Foundation, with the idea of having a tool to disseminate and delve into all this heritage. Paraphrasing one of Neruda's poems, “wine, spiralling, swirling (...) never has a glass been able to hold you, nor man.” Wine is always more. That is why I have devoted and will devote my whole life to tell it and pass it on.” - Santiago Vivanco